Why does it matter?

I often discover great new things by looking at other peoples dot configs or seeing what someone has installed while watching a video on YouTube. With that in mind I thought I would write a post sharing some of my favourite themes, fonts and extensions for VS Code. It may not seem important what theme or font you use but if you’re a full time developer you likely spend hours every day staring at code in your editor so anything you can do to make that easier or more enjoyable is a good thing.

Anyway I hope someone who stumbles across this post discovers something new or interesting.


I only really use two, I think both of them look nice but Dracula uses more muted colours than Monokai Pro so you might find it easier on the eyes, personally I like the spectrum filter on Monokai Pro as it makes the code pop a bit more but it’s worth noting that Monokai Pro is a paid theme.


CSS Tricks has a great list with examples, it includes info on features, pricing and provides a link to the relevant website, well worth checking out. The list below are all fonts that are specifically designed for Coding, my personal favourite is MonoLisa, it has good ligature support and is a bit wider than most fonts which I think makes it easier to read and select. Again, however, it is a paid font so you may wish to checkout JetBrains Mono which is quite similar.


My main note here is that if you’ve not tried GitHub Copilot you should (I wrote a whole post about it). The other thing I think it’s worth mentioning is that the ESLint plugin has an option you can enable to fix on save (which is the whole reason I have it installed).


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