Believe it or not Volkswagen have been making sausages since 1973 and the Volkswagen currywurst (Part No. 199 398 500 A) is supposedly Volkswagens most produced part. It’s sold not only in the canteens of their factories but at supermarkets and football stadiums, if you’re in the UK you can order some via but, if you do, you might also want to pick up some Volkswagen Ketchup or some Volkswagen Curry Keychup.

Volkswagen make around 20,000 sausages a day (around 7 million in a year), they are made from pork with a special mix of spices and are smoked over beechwood for around 2 hours at 176 °C, they are usually served with ketchup and French fries.

The sausages are produced on site at the Wolfsburg plant, originally due to it’s remote location, however they proved popular enough that they are still produced today. There has been recent controversy however, in late 2021 when Volkswagen made the decision to remove the sausages from the menu at the Wolfsburg plant in favour of a more environmentally friendly vegetarian sausage. The decision met with condemnation from many including the former German chancellor Gerhard Schröder who said “If I were still on the board of VW, something like this would not have happened…” so if you want some you better get them while you can as there’s no telling how much longer they’ll be making them.


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